The Teaching

Josh Rawlings(Rhodes)
Evan Flory-Barnes(Ac-B)
Jeremy Jones(Ds)
Rec. April 2, 2007, Seattle WA
(The Teaching Music)

マグワイア・ブラザーズと母親がシアトルに行った際にエヴァン・フローリー・バーンズという凄腕ベーシストと出会ったそうで、私にも聴いてもらいたいということで2枚のアルバムを送っていただいた。フローリーの経歴は本人のサイトに書いてあるので後で目を通しておくとして、同じくシアトル出身であるアーロン・パークスの初期作品「Aaron Parks / The Promise(99年)」「Aaron Parks / First Romance(00年)」にも参加しているということは、その当時から既に光るものがあったということなのだろう。フローリー・バーンズと同様にジョシュ・ローリングスもジェレミー・ジョーンズもこれが初聴きだけど、The Teachingというトリオ名義で、はたしてどういう演奏が繰り広げられているのか楽しみだ。

ということで1枚目は私としては共感できないけれど、もう1枚の方はメンバーが違うし、昨年のリリースということで最新のレコーディングなような感じなので、そちらの方に期待するとしよう。本作は録音(エンジニアはDoug Haire)に関しては、各楽器が自然な音で録れていて、それなりにいい感じで楽しむことができる。

評価☆☆☆ (☆最悪!、☆☆悪い、☆☆☆普通、☆☆☆☆良い、☆☆☆☆☆最高!) 

Josh Rawlings  (Rhodes)

Evan Flory-Barnes  (Ac-B)

Jeremy Jones  (Ds)

Rec. April 2, 2007, Seattle WA

(The Teaching Music)



I received two CDs from the Maguire b rothers and their  mother.  They  went to Seattle and met  Evan Flory-Barneswho they thought is an extraordinary bassist.  I will check his bio on his website later.  I understand that he played two early albums of Aaron Parks, also from Seattle.  That may mean that he already had something shining back then and I am excited to listen to the work of his trio  The Teaching .


Three of the tracks are composed by the three of them and one is by Flory-Barnes, which totals four tracks.


I got an impression that their performing style is more like a jam session based on funk rhythm.  It is more like free style performance with a variation of 4 beat and latin, etc.  All the tracks seems to be rather rough and simple.   The music construction is more like stressing on code progression and basic beats and it makes all the tracks sound similar.  In fact the shortest track is 13 minutes.  It s really too bad that it makes their music sort of redundant .


Flory-Barnes, however, does a super  accurate bowing and showcases his technic.  Unfortunately, the other two musicians are not matching his skill at this time.  Especially,  Jones is not up-to-dated both in technic and ideas comparing to other modern well known drummers.  That may be the cause of rather not-so-appealing performance.  I can understand what these 3 musicians are trying to do, but I get impression that they were like just jamming.  It would have been nicer if they wrote more respectable songs and made each song unique so that the listener could enjoy the variety.


I could not really agree with this album, but since his second album is his latest release and has different members, I look forward to that one.  


As the matter of the recording of this album, each instrument sounded natural and I was able to enjoy the sound.   Doug Hair is the engineer.



Evaluation ☆☆☆  (  poor ☆☆  fair ☆☆☆  good ☆☆☆☆ very good ☆☆☆☆☆  excellent)

Translated by Yuki Maguire